This self instructional PDF manual was prepared as a supplement to a course on Design for Assembly offered at North Carolina State University.  It is a PDF hard copy of the slides and text that accompanied recorded class lectures made available on CD format.   (This accounts for included CD operating instructions in Introduction.)

          The Introduction to the supplement includes the Couse Objectives and Overview, Content and Format and Proposed Study Guide.   The ten content chapters  cover  the following areas of emphasis:

     1. Why the subject is important and how assembly is defined.  (Chap. 1 & 2)
     2. Overview of modern
assembly systems.  (Chap. 3)
     3. Design principles for 
products and parts. (Chap. 4 & 5)
     4. Application of design  principles to
example products.  (Chap. 6)
     5. Quantitative
evaluation of design improvements. (Chap. 7)
     6. Feeding , orientating and
delivery of small parts. (Chap. 8 & 9)
Short summary of all materials (Chap. 10)

Short chapter quizzes, example solutions to a number of the Off Line Exercises and an Index are included in the Appendix .

          The supplement can be accessed as a complete PDF document or by individual chapters as listed in the sidebar.  These will appear as new pages or a download in your browser.  Caution:  To return to Design for Assembly  “Home" page click on the "return to previous" icon in the browser.

   © Carl Zorowski 2013